Call or SMS when a person detected

Has anyone tried or know of a way to make your phone ring when a person is detected? The notifications from the app are way too frequent and false 90% of the time. So, I’m trying to make my phone ring when a person is detected say after 8PM.

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You cannot do this with Wyze native Rules, but I believe you can with Alexa and routines.

You will need to link you cell phone carrier to the Alexa App then when a person is detected you can have Alexa call your number.


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There is currently no SMS notification or Phone Call\VOIP capability for Smart AI Event Notifications in the Wyze App.

There is currently a Wishlist item requesting this:

The Alexa option mentioned above is one alternative. Another is a third party app called MacroDroid. It can be programmed to send an SMS to your phone when a Push Notification is received from Wyze indicating a Smart AI Person Detection on a specified cam.

I believe Tasker is also an app that can do this although I do not use it.


Well… I was totally preparing to show you how to do this with Alexa but I am failing you and me at this moment, I’m going to keep looking into this and get back to you.

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Not sure about SMS but I know that when I looked into Alexa e-mail integration I was sorely disappointed. Very limited support.

Yea… My above note is misleading, I honestly thought this could be done with the Communication Integration and that too is limited to AT&T, Verizon, and Skype.

So far I am unable to find a solution for this. I was able to send myself an Alexa Message. But no SMS or call, Aside from setting 2 Alexa devices next to each other having their own conversation One Saying Send Message to (Your Contact) then the other speaking the message to the first device.

I will keep playing though.

As others noted, you can very likely get this done all on a single phone via Tasker or its open source analog, Easer. I’ve had good luck with Easer but haven’t used it for this.


I couldn’t get the carrier service to load either. Mainly because my carrier isn’t listed.

I was able to get Alexa to call my phone by asking her “Where is my phone”.