Cache memory Wyzecam problems on iphone

This problem specific to viewing live feed on my iphone. Noticed a couple of days ago that I cannot view live feed on any of my cameras, all v2.
Rebooted phone, reinstalled app etc, but noticed it only started working again when I cleared cache memory in Wyze app down to zero…but I can then view live feed but often just once! The next time I try it stops working again and I have to clear cache memory to zero again!
Its a fix…but a rather frustrating one.
Any ideas?

That is strange :thinking: I have four Version One WCO, three V3 cams and one V3 PRO and have never had an issue viewing live view on any of the cams on my iPhone or iPad. I clear the cache in the app once a day, usually in the morning. Do you have a good (3 Bar) Wi-Fi signal on your cams?