Cable Needed

I need a cable for v1 camera (actually it says wyzec1). Does anyone have one that I can purchase?

Welcome @timw61
Are you talking about the camera power cable?
This is called a USB A to micro USB cable.
Here’s one similar to the supplied cable:

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Those are both USB-C cables @Brlepage .

You need USB-A to microUSB.

Here are (2) 10’ for $10 on Amazon.


You’re correct! I had copied the wrong link. :man_facepalming:
Edited to correct.


So this one (type) will work with the V1 camera?

Your response is MUCH appreciated

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Yes, V1, V2 and Pan. That’s why I posted it. :blush:

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Very much appreciated.

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The connector is microUSB. The only problem I’ve had with aftermarket cables is the rubber around the connector being too large for the inset hole in the camera. I linked this cable because it specifically states Wyze in the description.
I have shaved down cables to fit. :slightly_smiling_face: