Bye Wyze cam for pathetic zero support

I purchased two Wyze outdoor cams and purchased cam plus subscription and assigned both of them to the two new cams and I installed everything and yet I am only getting 12 secs recording and no benefit of cam subscription . I have called Wyze 9 times . Submitted tickets and logs 5 times and emailed them screenshots and followed all their trouble shooting steps and yet my issue remains unresolved . I asked for contact by senior tech managers and teams but they refused and instead they all send me the same basic trouble shooting steps via email . No one at Wyze has taken this seriously and done anything to fix this . So that means they have very poor support . I am returning the products back to amazon and cancel the cam plus snd buy a different brand where the products and services work and I can get help .


If you haven’t returned them yet, can you verify the max recording length of the cams is higher then 12 seconds? Also does it say PLUS in the cams settings?