Buying more recording time for only one camera


I have 3 cameras. 1 in my kitchen facing the back door, 1 on my patio facing the back gate, and 1 on a fence facing my carport. I’d like to get more recording time for the camera that faces my carport but don’t want or need more recording time for the other cameras. Is there a way to purchase more recording time for only one camera? Thanks!

You can purchase CamPlus to increase the cloud stored events to unlimited time for just one camera here:

You can also insert a microSD card into the camera to record events up to the size of the card (max 32GB)


You can use a sd card ! Hopefully this helps

I really don’t want to have to do that, any other options?

As noted, you can also subscribe to CamPlus for a single camera. I have multiple cameras, but only have CamPlus on my v3 facing the drive in front of my home.

How do I go about doing that? When I go onto the site and try and chat with someone I can never get anywhere. I write what I think is a clear message but never get the answers I need. Thanks!!!

As @Loki stated earlier… from a browser, go to the Wyze Store and purchase a Cam Plus subscription. A single subscription is for one cam and can be applied to any cam you own and moved from one cam to another if, when and as often as you desire.

Note that the email address you use to log into the store and make your Cam Plus subscription purchase must be the same as the email address you used to register/setup your cam.


Your only options are Cam Plus or an SD card.

A SD card will give you 24-hour recordings that you can review for 3-8 days (for the recommended 32 GB size), depending on the resolution you select for the camera.

Cam Plus will extend the free 12-second cloud recordings to ‘until motion stops’. But tip: You can also press ‘Playback’ on a free 12-second clip to go to your SD card and see as many hours as you wish to review, IF you have and SD card, and do it before the SD card runs out of space and starts overwriting old recordings (3-8 days).


I believe I understand. Can I get the Cam Plus for just one camera, and how do I go about letting WYZE know which camera it is since I have 3 cameras?

Don’t worry you can pick what camera you’d like to have cam plus . Click services on your app after you have subscribed to cam plus , then pick what camera you’d like . The one that you pick to be active will have a green check :white_check_mark: next to it on the right side .

Thank you very much, I will try that!!!


I bought the extra recording time for one camera but it is still only recording for 12 seconds. I tried trouble shooting all suggestions and can’t seem to locate any of the areas suggested I check to get it enabled to record longer. I’m 62 and not tech savvy at all. HELP!

Open your Wyze app, tap account bottom right side, tap services, cam plus is on the top left and it will show you have many cam plus licenses you have. If it says unassigned tap the camera on the list you want to add it to.

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I’ve done that but it still doesn’t record more than 12 seconds. :frowning:

If you go to services do your pages look like this? Does it say activate on the bottom of the second page???. If it does activate it.

I had to call WYZE and get help that way, it was pretty involved but all is working now. Thank you sooo much!!!

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