Buy With Prime Issue!

On Tuesday I logged into Wyze and ordered the Video Doorbell V2 with a $10 credit once item ships from Wyze site. In the checkout I opted to Buy With Prime and was sent to Amazon to finalize order which went through fine.
Now my Wyze log in email is different from my Amazon Prime log in and that seems to have created a slight problem! On Wednesday I received an email from notifying me: “New account created. Use this link to reset your account password”. It seems that since the emails are different, Wyze has now automatically set up a second account for me - WTH! I have used Amazon Pay and never had an issue. This new order does not show up in existing Wyze site!
Anyone else ever had this happen? I have opened a support ticket on this and am trying to track down my $10 credit which I plan on using! The V2 Doorbell camera arrived today via Amazon. Hopefully I can get this resolved ASAP!!

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I also checked out with prime and receive credit, about 1 day after my order site updated and says not applicable to order with prime orders…
Very sad as i checked million times over before ordering and it didn’t say such thing :thinking: :sweat: :sob: