But Will It Matter

Skimming this latest article on the long gestating interoperability standard,…

And thinking about how everyone will twist this to their own needs and all that really comes to mind is this.


Please tell me I’m wrong.


So true. We will see…


Ambient intelligence.


Nuff said.

Remarkably the hat is only the third or fourth dumbest thing in the picture. :wink:

(and yet the sweat on the brim could buy and sell any one of us)


So that’s how AWS is pronounced…

It’s Everywhere You Want to Be

Honestly, I see Matter gaining dominance for a while until some major companies start supporting a true opensource standard that has no licensing requirements. If that ever gets done, it will/should dominate the market quickly. Matter is semi-opensource but requires yearly pay to play with licensing, which means a lot of smaller businesses will never adopt it.

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Personally I don’t even think it will get that far. Those who understand it well enough will be underwhelmed, and the rest won’t care. As always, most people will stick with one vendor anyway. And it really doesn’t even have camera specs yet?? Kind of a waste of time.

/hope I’m wrong

Beginning of the end of the beginning, folks. The Matter cookie’s crumbling already, before it’s baked.


Guess I’ll learn how to do more with IFTTT.


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I’ve read a few articles on it. I think they’re concerned that if they support Matter, it will make it too easy for their customer base to abandon their platform with hybrid ecosystems. For example, If someone has a mostly Wemo ecosystem and wants a new mini smart plug, Why would they pay $35 for it, when for the same cost they can get 4-5 of the exact same plug (or better) from another company that sells it with low-profit margins using Matter when that device will work together fine with the rest of their ecosystem? Belkin/Wemo will get choked out of business fast unless they find a way to provide something that others don’t to justify their higher prices for things that should be a fraction of the price in some way. Matter is going to kill them if they don’t change their business model. The longer they take to support matter, the better for their business model. Wyze may not be the highest quality in the world for everything, but all their stuff is as good or better than Wemo at a fraction of the cost. That’s the thing with Wemo, is that may have decent stuff, but for every product they offer, someone else does better for less, and that single fact means that Matter will end them unless they figure out what they’re going to do differently.

One positive about them is they could be locally managed (though they started requiring cloud accounts roughly 3 years ago). Not standardized, but when Matter comes, they will no longer have even that as an advantage over everyone else.

I also don’t think Wemo will make much difference for Matter. They are not big enough to cause a big effect at this point. Plus they didn’t say they are stopping entirely or indefinitely, they just need to step back, see how things go, re-evaluate, restrategize with data and such and come back with a better long term solution. I am sure they’ll be fine. I don’t think Matter will become the dominant standard until around early 2026 at the soonest, so there is plenty of time for companies to breathe.
They will certainly face some short term backlash over it, but things will calm down, and within the next 3 years they’ll have a better understanding of their options. It will be interesting to watch, but I think they are making rational decisions for the time being. --That’s not to say that I LIKE it or want them to make that decision…I want everyone to put as much as possible to be integrated…I’m just saying it’s really not that big of a deal at this point.

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You have no idea how much this bugs me. I have one plug that forgot itself, and having avoided the pointless cloud account until now, I tried earlier and earlier APKs trying to get the darned plug working again. It’s just not happening. So I replaced it with my last spare Wyze plug. :wink:

More eWaste thanks to freaking Belkin.

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