Bulbs used outdoors on garage go offline randomly

I have bulbs used outdoors in sconces on either side of the garage. After working perfectly for months, one of the bulbs will stop responding the rules. It will come on when it should be off. Or when all the lights should be on, one of the sconces will be off. It varies which light it is. I have an eero mesh wifi and there is at least -60 db of signal there.

Why does this happen?

Also, when are you going to make a light switch I can just replace so that all this is not reliant on a two bulbs working.

I have 4 bulbs in four outdoor locations that I turn on for security and so people can walk to my house without tripping. I would love to control this with two smart switches and stay on the Wyze app.

How much metal is there in use in the fixture? That may be distorting the signal that’s arriving at the bulb, or faraday cage. The rssi seems pretty good, is that what the mesh app is telling you? Or how did you get that reading?

There is a smart wall switch wish list item which is labeled as in development. I’ll link the thread so you can have some light reading if you would like. Also go ahead and set your thread notifications to “watching” so that you can be updated whenever the in development status changes.


Are they color bulbs or White bulbs? I have found that if your rule is based on a group, try switching it to list each bulb independently in the rule. I have done that and it has been more consistent.

I asked if it was the White or Color bulbs as I experience this issue with the White bulbs primarily. I have found if you turn the power off to the location where the bulb is for about 10 seconds and then back on. It will establish the WiFi connection again and things seem to work better.

But @Omgitstony makes a great point, if it is in a metal fixture, it could interfere with the WiFi signal.

A few things to look at.


This is a longshot and a pain to read, but it may be a negative byproduct of transitioning to the new rules engine. I had similar erratic behavior from my rules applied to both bulbs (regular and color) and plugs. I ended up deleting all bulb and plug rules and starting over… no problems since.