Bulbs stay dim even when put to 100%

We have 6 or so bulbs. Most of them are fine but 2 of them won’t stay bright. They have weird symptoms. They’ll occasionally be bright, but then flicker and go to around 25% to 50%. Changing the brightness up and down doesn’t affect them. Turning them off and on sometimes fixes it for a short while, sometimes doesn’t.

Changing light fixtures doesn’t change their behavior. The other 4 bulbs work exactly as intended.

Anyone else having this issue? Any idea what’s going on?

I would open a support ticket for those 2 bulbs. Sounds like you got some bad ones. Too be sure you can swap one of the 4 working ones into one of the fixtures that held the bulbs that were not working correctly. That at least would rule out bad wiring.


Thanks for the ticket suggestion.

We have swapped the lights around and it doesn’t have any affect. :frowning:

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