Bulbs not turning on/off with rules

Just a reminder to everyone… THE ONLY TRUE FIX IS TO USE COLOR BULBS.

You can jump through any amount of hoops but the original bulbs are simply not working.

Once I converted all my old bulbs to COLOR. Everything works…

Motion Detect to turn a color bulb on - WORKS
Doorbell Detects Person - Turn color bulb on - WORKS
V3 or V2 cam sees person - Turn color bulb on - WORKS
Contact or Motion Sensor triggered - Turn color bulb on - WORKS
Location Based Rules to turn everything on or off - WORKS.

I tried everything and eventually just gave in. Glad I did because I like the color bulbs and enjoy having the option everywhere to turn things colors. I have 13 bulbs, 4 cameras, doorbell, thermostat, vacuum, HMS… The Wyze eco-system is humming along just fine now.


that means it is possibly a mistake on purpose to force us to buy those bulbs :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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If you notice on the shop tab in the app the original bulbs are not even listed anymore. They are just doing away with them quietly.

I’m guessing that’s true… but probably not coming from a nefarious place. They have probably realized their time, effort, and money, doesn’t need to be invested in something they don’t want to continue to pursue as a company (color-only for example).

That DOES NOT absolve them from responsibility to the customers who own these bulbs. They owe us an explanation and a fix! There should be no reason that a simple contact sensor cannot turn on a smart bulb 100% of the time. That is Smart Home 101. That’s where we all started… That’s where the “light” literally came on for us. That’s where we drag our spouses into the room to show them… wondering why they don’t have the same Willy Wonka sense of wonderment at this amazing technological feat you just accomplished in front of them.

Please Wyze. Talk to us, let us know what’s going on. We supported you. Posts of this nature have been happening for awhile and no one from Wyze has given us any information. You can do better here.



This was very well said. I’m ready to move onto Phillips Hue.

  • Yes, people are free to buy the color bulbs to patch the issue. YOU can keep re-buying everytime they screw up on the serverside too.
  • I’m not suggesting to go through hoops, but for me it has solved the issue with one extra shortcut… since I already have “all off” and “all on”
  • I have dozens of clients and family to deal with.
  • I believe it’s part serverside rejigging and a slight timing for firmware, I’m still working with them with logs so they can fix, and prevent future color bulb issues too.

For people who are curious of the real issue:

  • THE non-color BULBS themselves work fine alone. AND they can clearly send commands of multiple actions to the bulbs as I have shown.

  • I’m posting to confirm it’s NOT the just bulb specific issue, but also the shortcuts and possible serverside calls.

Yeah, you can likely “assume” they are killing the product. That’s fine with me, until they say so, I’m not telling people to go out and replace all the lights, just specific ones that need the shortcut automation right away.

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I broke down and got color bulbs for the two fixtures where I had the original. They don’t work in one of the fixtures literally at all. I tried to set one of them up in a different fixture and then move it. But alas this lamp just won’t deal with the color bulbs. I don’t know why, the old original bulbs work fine albeit without ability to set brightness and temp in the same rule.

Still annoyed that WYZE hasn’t posted anything in this thread at all. cc @WyzeGwendolyn


yes; it’s working;

single action in shortcut works:

4 shortcuts: Only ONE action each:

  • turn on: all-bulbs/groups.
  • change color: all-bulbs/groups.
  • change brightness: all-bulbs/groups.
  • turn off: all-bulbs/groups.

SO, if the all the bulbs are already ON, you can send shortcuts with single instruction only.
What “new” is that if it’s OFF, you can STILL send the color and brightness… then turn ON… and it will get the brightness and color from the two separate commands combined.

I believe they are still fixing this in firmware and serverside.

IT"S ONLY 2 Years OLD! I pre-oreder in June 2019.

just to chime in here i just recently got only the color bulbs and also having really inconsistent on / off rule consistency only a few days in. it seems to turn on like it should but the off rule is hit or miss…first day it was 15 min late (very weird) and today it just didnt work at all (lights should have gone off an hour ago but still on). i thought i read there was a rules history in the app account section to troubleshoot but i’m not seeing that on mine for some reason (maybe they moved it?)

Welcome! Can you post a screen shot of your rules will ALL actions visible? For history, click “account”, then rules, then the history tab at the bottom.

I have this problem too.

There are bugs in the iphone app. It is not possible to assign rules to different bulb groups. The rules act like it is global. Someone at Wyze needs to buy an iphone and buy some bulbs, take them home and try to do this themselves. Try to set up bulb groups in different parts of your house and try to assign rules to those groups. You will find it does not work. So hopefully you will feel the disappointment we, your customers feel. Please test this out.

Stop stressing over this crap they won’t fix. Start an IFTTT account by downloading the app and bobs your uncle!

Welcome to the forums! Can you provide some screenshots of the rules you’re making that aren’t working correctly? What app version are you using?

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Hey question for you @lovemyjeep I’ve used IFTTT for some basic non Wyze related purposes. But one thing that kind of grates my grits with the Wyze rules for scheduling bulbs is that you cannot select any saved scenes in the UI when creating a schedule. You only get “set brightness to”, “set color temperature to” and set “color selection”. I went to all the trouble of creating scenes with color and brightness dialed in for various bulbs but totally useless for scheduling. Wondering if IFTTT allows you to set up a schedule with a scene?

Yes you’re right. You can only set the 3 you listed as far as I know. It’s been a year since I moved to ifttt so not sure if there’s anything new. In my case nothing was working and so I moved the 3 basic bulb options to ifttt. I comceded defeat.

There is a line item in the add more actions to Wyze rules wishlist for this, but no word on implementation yet.