Bulbs in ceiling fixtures

This has probably been asked and answered but I’m new here. Can I use Wyze bulbs in the type of ceiling fixture shown in the photo?

Yes, some people get switch covers though, so someone doesn’t accidently turn it off.

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You can put Wyze bulbs in that type of light fixture, but Wyze doesn’t recommend it because it may shorten the life of the bulb. I would definitely suggest switch covers like @xtremehumvee84 mentioned.

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Wyze does not recommend using the bulbs in enclosed fixtures due to the heat that can build up and reduce its life expectancy.

You can read what Wyze says about it here.

Yes, I know about setting up the bulbs individually, thanks!

From everything that I’ve read here and on other websites, although Wyze doesn’t recommend using the bulbs in this type of fixture, lots of people do so. It sounds like it’s not dangerous but can decrease the lifespan of the bulbs.

I bought these primarily for my overhead family room lights, so they can be controlled from the sofa. This brand was highly rated on CNET. If anyone here thinks I should use a different type of smart bulb in these fixtures I would be grateful for advice. I do not have nor want a hub.

I recommend you consider a smart wall switch instead. This allows you to use any ordinary bulb. I stick to Levitons but there are much cheaper decent brands (Meross is one).

It just takes someone who isn’t afraid to flip a circuit breaker and spend 20 minutes unscrewing the old switch.

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The problem with that is that the switch for the lights I want to control is not a single gang switch, it is three-gang.

So what? I have installed smart switches side by side with regular switches in a multi-gang box.

If you mean 3-way switches, lots of smart switches have that option. I have two such Leviton 3-way switch pairs in my house. (One switch is essentially a satellite to its smarter partner.)

Thanks for the advice, not sure which way I’m going to go with this.

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If I decide to go with the smart switch, can it be used as a regular switch as well? After I installed a bunch of Wyze bulbs my family objected to not having the option to use the light switches.

Yes that’s the point. My Levitons in particular look almost identical to regular Leviton “Decora” rocker switches. Press up to turn on and press down to turn off.

Every bulb in my house except the bathrooms, stairs, and laundry are Wyze Bulbs. I 3D printed switch locks to keep them in the On position. We now control all the lights using Alexa.

I had to design and 3D print adapter rings for my ceiling fans due to the fan requiring “stubby” LED bulbs. The adapter ring illuminates and looks like part of the fan assembly.

Most smart switches still function as a normal switch. Be careful, too many On/Off toggles too quickly will reset the bulb and start setup mode.

Yes they can be used as normal switches. There are a ton of them for sale on Amazon. I went with this particular one for my entry way, mounted horizontally.

One controls my front porch light, and the other two my up and down stairs hallways.

They integrate with my Google home and are physical buttons as well.

I have more traditional looking smart switches in the other rooms throughout my house.

Well since everyone is doing pictures and links here is a Leviton. Wow it’s down to $29 now. 3-way capable. Actually I usually get the dimmer version: looks the same.


Thanks to all of you for the advice. I have decided to return the Wyze bulbs and eventually I will put in smart switches instead. I’m leaning towards the C by GE brand because I can get them with toggle switches. Does anyone here have experience with those? I’d also like to know if regular switch plate covers will work with them. All of my switch plate covers currently match and I’d like to keep it that way. Thanks again!

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This thing? Doesn’t look like it. Good luck regardless.


No, CNET says there’s a new one that has traditional toggle switches.

Okay. I was happy to move away from those (even when we just moved to regular dumb Decora rockers) but to each his or her own. Hope you enjoy them. :slight_smile:

Looks to have a few selections.

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