Bulb just randomly turned off

I’m not having a good few days with Wyze products (see [here])(Contact sensor shows 'open' but not 'closed' - #3 by Zamboknee)
Now a wyze bulb that was turned on just randomly turned off on its own.
And, no, it’s not on ‘vacation mode’

Any ideas?

Just did it again.

I would probably do a factory reset on the bulb. Then reconnect the bulb with a fresh setup. It may or may not help. :man_shrugging: Anyway, it’s worth a try if you have time.

All I’m seeing is ‘Remove Device.’

Nevermind. I found the ‘factory reset’ directions. I reset it and we’ll see what happens.

If it continues to blink, you may want to enter a support ticket. It may simply be intermittent.

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It’s not that it’s blinking. After turning the switch on (we need to use the physical switch) the bulb would , out of the blue, just turn off on it’s own.

If a solder joint is cracked, the warming of the bulb could make it break connection. Then the cooling of the bulb would make the connection again. Just a random possibility. In any case, the bulb should not be turning off on it’s own.

I do have bulbs set to automatically turn off after a given amount of time, but obviously you would know if you did that.

I created a ticket. Thanks

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Did you get any responses? Mine are also doing it. It has to be like a global setting though.

My plugs don’t work either. This is year 2023 and I run android. I try to set a schedule and I get an error message that location is not turned on (which it is). I don’t want my plugs to use the time zone that my phone or tablet is int. I want them in the timezone where my house is.