Bulb cycles off after 4 minutes

I have 3 bulbs in service. Two work perfectly (other than loosing wifi occasionally which usually corrects itself with a quick off-on 3 times reset). However one application has an issue. The bulb is in a lamp which is never powered down. It is on a schedule to go on at 5:00PM and to go off at 10:00 PM. This works as intended, no issues. However, if we happen to be sitting in the room and turn the bulb back on with the app (on either an Android or an Iphone) it powers up, but then shuts off after 4 minutes.

I have deleted and reconnected the bulb to the app, deleted and reentered the schedule, changed to a different physical bulb, reset-up the bulb and the schedule, and the issue persists. When I changed the hardware, the bulb worked properly for a few days before the issue reappeared. My bulbs and cameras are all on the latest software release.

I recall the Wyze app had a “system time” sync feature at one point (with the cameras before the bulbs came along), and wonder if system time could be the issue. Our phones are on Verizon system time. Could a difference in time be affecting the on / off? It would seem to have some possibility except the bulb will occasionally turn off more than one time in this fashion.

Any ideas?