Bulb/Camera connectivity issues

I am having issues with the 14 lights that are installed in my basement. They are split into 3 rooms. Lately all the lights do not go on when they triggered by the motion sensor. Most times it’s 4 out of 6 going on in the main room. I usually just flip the switch and the lights come back on. The same goes for my workshop with 4 lights. Only 3/4 go on.

All of the firmware is up to date. No WiFi issues in my home. I have a strong signal all over.

I am using one wyze sense adaptor which is within 10 feet to the basement

Also my version 1 wyze cam will no longer stay connected to the internet. I consistently have to re-pair it back to my network. I’ve tried doing a factory reset for it and it still becomes disconnected

Hi @mdnj6, sorry you are having so many issues - you may be best served by submitting a service request: