Basement lights loosing connection

I have eight lights in my basement.
There are two lights on my staircase and six lights on the basement floor. The basement lights consistently lose connection and it seems to be sporadic between all of the bulbs. I turn off the switch and turn it back on and eventually they all connect but they never stay connected.

I only have two rules set up. One is to detect motion and the other is to turn on when the door sensor opens. I turned them off temporarily to see if that might be the issue but it did not fix anything.

Is anyone else having the same issues?

Do they show offline in the app? What kind of fixtures are they in? What kind of network setup do you have and how far away is it from the basement?

You may need to move your router closer to the basement or something similar to get more signal downstairs because there might be to much signal loss with the floor, walls, type of fixture used.

Yes. They are offline in the app. I have no other issues with WiFi in the room. Lights are recessed.

I have 4 more lights my music room that is right next door that have no issue connecting.

I have a fios 200/200 connection. Router cannot be moved.

Are the music room lights recessed also? Are the recessed light sockets surrounded by metal? The only I’ve ever had with my Wyze bulbs was one outdoor garage light that’s in a fairly metal enclosure. Sometimes in the dead of winter it has the offline issue and I narrowed it down to the metal around the bulb. Can you take out a bulb and try it in a different lamp or light in the basement to rule out or confirm bulb connectivity issues? if you use the ball the elsewhere in the problem remains it’s a faulty bulb but if the problem stays in the recessed socket then I’m guessing that is where your issue lies. Even take a bulb from the music room and switch it with a basement room bulb and see if the issue follows the basement bulb or stays in the socket with the now music room bulb.

I adjusted some stuff on my network and it seems better.

I’ve also seen a new reconnect feature when a bulb becomes disconnected. Is there a way to automate that feature so the light always stays connected?