Bugs, issues and complaints

Yep, it’s found somewhere between somebody’s left and right ear, in most cases :grin:


Towel K’s like, “It’s a cinch, folks, follow my lead…” :wink:

After escalation does it proceed via email? That’s what I prefer…

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Normally everything is done via email from that point forward, but I have had the occasional phone call as well.

Mind you, it’s been over a year since my last need to do that, so I can’t speak for how well that works now… But I’ll be finding out shortly as I have a bricked base station from the faulty firmware update.


I wish you’d compose a poll to test this. I want to believe it but I’m not sure I do. :slight_smile:

(The mods’ll be like, ‘Sure most people will say they can, but we’ve got the digital exhaust to prove otherwise’ :wink: )

Implementation matters! You walk into the DMV and they say the wait is 2hrs, have a seat and be patient – yeah, everyone is going to complain but overall that’s much better than you walk into the DMV they say, “We have no idea how long the wait is going to be,” and you end up waiting 2hrs and that whole time you are saying, “How long is this going to take!?” With all your ire building up.

Setting expectations matter. People will still whinge but they can be given context and usually chill out.

Secrecy, uncertainty, and no expectations being set. Tantrum time.


I love :two_hearts: my dentist! :tooth::grimacing::toothbrush:!

She gives me happy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: pills :pill:!


I’ve had good luck calling CS when I’m in a laugh-y mood. I’m cereal. They get super sad and one’s good nature helps them out. :slight_smile:

Ok, I think I can solve WildBill’s problem.

WildBill is a forum ‘Regular’. All forum Regulars should receive a code to effect immediate CS escalation. Wyze shouldn’t advertise this, just slip 'em the code on the q.t.

It’s in Wyze interest to keep Regulars happy. Happy Regulars, happy Users. Who the Regulars help.

Problem solved. You’re welcome.


I know this is a joke but tbh this is exactly what I’d do if I were a tech executive. Free dev-quality testing and all I have to do is harvest? Cool.


Isn’t that what Alphas and Betas do?

Just because I am a regular by no means makes me an dev-quality expert. Just a guy with two quick typing thumbs and lots of free time, not to mention a bloated fondness for sharing my opinions and experience.


There is no alpha and beta for a terminal bug fix. There is a patch or update.

Alphas and Betas are there to do wide field testing of new “features”. The testers know the risks and can either install in parallel or revert back.

Microsoft is famous for them. Beta testing a new version of word, for example, with a host of new bells and whistles. On the flip side, if every time you press control-C the released program crashes, that is an immediate fix, not a Beta.

I do agree that communications and expectations are a key issue. We’ve all probably encountered the carrier “will be fixed by 9pm”, followed by 11am the next day, followed by 5pm, etc. There may be great, valid reasons for the delays but the expectations just start to piss people off.

In my world, we can be months late on a feature release, especially with good communication to the users. We can’t be three months into a fix needed to prevent something from being useless.


I’m not highly thrilled with WYZE CS.

So I’m using the WYZE plugs as my own beta test prior to purchasing their cameras and lights. I’m currently on the fence with this company but will likely purchase from another company that is more user friendly and RELIABLE.
It could be me, yeah,
I’m unfortunately not a techie type.

Seems the competition offers seamless cameras and lights. Will make my purchase mid May, so I’ll keep reading the forums until then.

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Understood and agree there. Better in house\alpha\beta testing would alleviate the need for a terminal patch though.

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The “Only” device I am not having issues with is the Pan Camera. Plugs vary, cameras using the base station especially keep failing. Terribly inconsistent in staying online, some may work and then no connection no changes.
The base is hard wired and still drops out, it is a real pain to go through every couple of weeks.
There is no way to remote setup or reboot, the reboot should happen via firmware when connections are lost keeping all the settings.


I submitted a ticket and a log file a couple weeks ago and never heard from them. Never. Heard. From. Them. Not the first time either. So no, submitting bugs online isn’t always the best way to be heard.


I am still searching for the “Stellar Technical Support” topic.


I don’t know what the Alpha/Betas do or if they have special access to submitting bugs for released products no longer in the development phase. Maybe?

What I will say is that the idea of turning your worst critics into your greatest advocates isn’t new. If I’m willing to contact you with my criticism then my implicit hope is that you’ll fix it! Please! I’m opening the door to change! Now, not every request is reasonable but bug fixes usually are.

I’ve seen other companies ask your level of expertise in the CS funnel and doing their best to respect that by escalating appropriately.

Wyze CS can’t even access the submitted logs or, apparently, track open issues. That’s… less than ideal. Maybe you can get away with that if you have 10 products and they are all cameras. The CS team can become sudo-experts. With Wyze’s expansion, it doesn’t look like customer support and feedback to the development team are happening.

I submitted a pretty detailed bug report via the “Submit Log” option and I’ll be interested to see how long it takes to get fixed. I have a friend waiting to buy Wyze gear based on this fix so I’m a little more curious than usual.

Hoping for improvement!


February 2019

‘The most popular questions people are asking us right now.’

What about? When about?

September 2021

F1 Our customer support is not good enough. F2 Our shipping speed is way too slow. F3 We haven’t reacted fast enough on customer requests on ways we can improve our products.

F3 Today we are announcing that we just raised 100 million dollars.

F3 How are we going to spend 100 million dollars? We are going to improve our customer support. We are going to invest in better shipping partners and our shipping procedures. We’re going to launch in Canada… and probably a lot of other countries, too. We’re going to hire the best engineers in the world, so that we can stay on top and build all the features that you guys want us to build. And we’re going all-in on AI…

Kind of crazy to think that… we started this in one little corner office four years ago…

…We don’t know. We won’t be perfect. The competition will only get harder. But Wyze is back… to make the best products we can possibly think of, make them as inexpensive as we possibly can, and make great technology accessible to everyone.


The indoor PTZ cams are pretty phenomenal. It was the first Wyze item I purchased and I now have three of them. The outdoor cams and base stations have been okay, but they do lose connection from time to time and it’s not a WiFi issue on my end. My non-Wyze cam caught and uploaded the missed events. Seems like a server issue on their end since my doorbell and outside cams miss the same event and the door doesn’t use the base station.

The plug situation is unforgiveable. Every other device I have reconnects to the WiFi without intervention. Assuming that some of us use these remotely, that needs to be a given. Whether it’s 15 or 1500 miles, you shouldn’t have to access them in person due to a disconnect on the hardware side.

I’m sitting on a box of three switches I can’t bring myself to install. In one case, I have to change out the box collar to fit it in, making it a bit of a project and in the other two cases, I’m wondering how I’d reset them remotely if they disconnect and leave lights on 24/7.


Been a flurry of bugs of late for sure. On the Outdoor Cameras, if they freeze on 3/3, try removing them from a group. I don’t know that they have addressed the recent group problem yet.

The Plug issue is new to us, but definitely has been ongoing too long, and needs to be resolved ASAP.