bug - no settings button on v2 camera

In beta app version 1.4.31 I’m missing a settings gear icon in the top right of my v2 camera. My v1 camera has the settings gear icon.

I would try deleting and reinstalling the app.

I tried that. There is still no settings gear icon on my V2 camera. Thanks.

Next, I would try to delete the camera from the app, factory reset it, and set it up again fresh.

I figured it out. The camera that doesn’t have the settings gear icon has been shared with me. Shared camera settings can only be viewed and changed by the person who shared the camera, not those with whom the camera is shared. Same with playback. Since the camera is shared with me, I can’t view playback. But in the sharer’s app, they can view playback.

Ahah. If you have mentioned it was shared, we would have jumped on that. But sorry, probably should have thought to ask you that. :wink: