BUG: Name Your Price Breaks Person Filters

I used a $40 Vesa rebate card from tires I bought. :slightly_smiling_face:
Get yourself a $10 Visa / Mastercard gift card.


looks like they fixed it… or something happened and I can filter by person now suddenly

Mine is still popping up asking for cam plus. It won’t filter.

Thanks for tagging me in! This is a bug and we’ve filed it to be fixed. Any chance anyone sent in logs? I’d love to get those to the team.


mine is back as well. will wait for the fix

Pfewww! I noticed this this morning and saw this blog, I was getting worried! How do I send logs?

I’m using the bata app and it happens to me too.

You can post then log number here or send a message to @UserCustomerGwen.

It’s filtering properly for me. However, I actually chose to pay something for person detection. I also have never turned on cam plus for any camera on my account.

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Mine filters properly too.
I payed $0 and have used the Cam Plus trials.

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I paid the recommended price which seemed fair (it is reasonable enough) and it doesn’t filter. But it will, and if Wyze sells to a less fair company because business is getting to difficult on their own, Ill know I tried to be fair to them as much as they try to be fair to us :slight_smile:

Amazing thank you! log sent

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When it becomes useful to me I’ll pay for it. :slightly_smiling_face:
So far it tells me every time my dog goes to the front yard but seldom recognises delivery people.
In fairness this is a V2 mounted outside. PD seems to work better on inside cameras but I know there are people in my house. :blush:
Also, for those rare times when PD is correct the nitification is long after the person has left.


Strange, it really works well for me. My camera is mounted outside high above the door, which is why I assumed the original Xnor detection worked so poorly due to the angle. And yet it’s been spot on lately.

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My wife left for work at 12:43. I got the PD notification at 12:53. PD worked but 10 minutes?


Weird (but funny). Mine seem to always work within 10 to 20 seconds. Are you using the camera setting in Alexa or a routine?

Edit: oh maybe you are talking about regular Wyze app notifications. I never get any on my main phone. But the Alexa announcements seem reliable and relatively quick.


Same thing happened to me. But I realized that if you go to Account-Services, then back to Events, it will start working (the person filter). Try it.

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Just the regular WYZE app notifications.

With all due respect, I think Wyze needs better performance from the software QA team. The problem found seems like an ordinary use case.

TBH, I instinctively knew not to try this “name your price” upgrade until others played around with it.

I noticed that to. Tonight for example, trying to filter by person just popped up the same old nag screen asking me to resubscribe to cam plus. But when I went to services/person detection and back, I could filter without the nag screen.