Browser console problem

I have facing on many website about browsing console error, Anyone can help?

What browser are you using? (Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari, Brave, etc)

Are you using it on a computer or a phone?

What does the error say exactly?

The browser console is basically to log all sorts of information like network requests, JavaScript, CSS, security errors and warnings, and messages from the coding. If the browser console isn’t functioning properly I would consider uninstalling and reinstalling the browser. If the browser console is just alerting you to some kind of error you should be aware of, then it could be any number of things that should be looked into.

Is this occurring everywhere you go, or when is it giving you this error? Or did you just accidentally open the console and need to close it so you can browse as normal again?

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I’m using Chrome on laptop. there are few site, when I create a post then it’s show “brower consol error”

“Carverofchoice” you are so helpful guy, thanks

Are you able to take a screenshot of an example of what the error looks like? Since you’re on a computer, I assume using Windows, open the menu and type “Snip” and open the “Snipping tool” so you can take a screenshot of the error and upload it so we can see what kind of error you are dealing with:

Just avoid taking a screenshot of any private information…try to just get the error and upload it if possible and maybe it will give us a better idea of what is going on and what can be done to resolve it.

You can also open or close the developer console by pressing SHIFT + CTRL + J on your keyboard while you have the browser open and selected on your screen. That will open up a side-bar on the right side of your browser. This is the Developer Console…if you then click on the tab at the top that says “Console” as follows:


It should tell you what the error is. If you are afraid to post a screenshot, possibly just copy what errors it is showing there or what it says it is having problems with. If you are concerned about posting any of that publicly, you are welcome to DM me and I will try to give you some advice in a private message.

To be clear, none of this should be Wyze-related in any way, and you might have some better in luck in a Google forum about Chrome specifically, but I am willing to see if I can understand what is going on if you would like.

Here are the problem.

Thanks for that, Are you using a VPN or TOR or anything like that, that you know of?

Is this only happening to you within the Wyze forums here, or is it happening to you on other websites too?

I found some other similar errors on other forums. Some said it was related to the forum firewall sensitivity somehow (upset there were too many requests in a certain time frame).
And some others believed it was related to the permissions granted to the profile. Both are outside of my access, so I will ask the @Mods if they are able to see or do anything that could help.

Mods, it may help to Google Discourse followed by that error code or something to see some examples of it happening in other forums and how they resolved it. Sounds like possibly related to a permissions or firewall issue?

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Thank you so much. I’m busy now I will try later.