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Hey Loki not sure who to direct this to but I wanted to note it. Using latest chromium on Windows to login to forum I get security warnings from the browser - site is not secure with red broken padlock equivalent and this site is trying to load unsafe scripts/blocked. I’m using Android duckduckgo browser at the moment which when logging in gave no warnings - though I never use it for forum posting because typing on tablet is cumbersome.

I moved this over to the regular forum in case others are experiencing the same issue.

Can you add some info: what browser are using using on Windows? By “chromium” to you mean Google Chrome browser? What version of Windows are you running?

I’ll try to have one of the Wyze web folks jump in here.

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Thanks Loki. Windows 8.1. Chromium stable from this source:. Download latest stable Chromium binaries (64-bit and 32-bit)

Hello @peepeep, it looks like Chromium is blocking Discourses plugins. You can allow these plugins if you go to “site settings”.

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Hi mixonepa set unsandboxed plugin access to allow no joy.

Are you still having issues after the advice to allow plugins?

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Hi Mark, yeah, no change.

Do you get additional error messages aside from the browser issue in your screenshot? What do you see within the page itself?

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No, nothing else, and didn’t try signing in out of abundance of caution.

This might be closer to the browser setting since the error you are getting appears on the search and toolbar. Can you test other browsers if you see the same issue and if you get one, share any screenshots that is embedded within the login page? This will help us investigate if there’s any issue within our login system.

MSIE 11, with Security & Privacy settings both set to Med-High, did not have to Show All Content, logged-in fine. Here’s the login page:

From this result with MSIE, I’m guessing that Chromium’s warnings about Insecure Content Blocked - Unsafe Scripts (screen right) is why the Not Secure flag (screen left) is active. I just tried Chromium log-in without loading the unsafe scripts and all is fine ( I think :neutral_face: ).

As of this morning the Your connection to this site is not secure message (depicted left side, above) no longer appears, just the normal padlock (Your connection is secure.)

The Insecure content blocked message (depicted right side, above) still appears, but it is not necessary to load the blocked scripts to log-in successfully.

I had updated Chromium to a new version yesterday but it hadn’t improved anything as of yesterday.


I am having same issue in Chrome and Edge

We appear to be in the minority. :slight_smile: