Bring the forums to the app?

I have an idea for a slight redesign and to bring the forums into the app so that we can reply right from the app with feedback, etc.

Right now you have account on the bottom right. Most major apps have the account somewhere on the top right. This is where you currently have the three dots for the products. Now I suggest that you move the products menu to a small menu above the current products. Or possibly a Hamburger type menu on the left side for those options and replace that area with the account to move a new forums link to the bottom of the app where you can view and reply to this entire forum.

Now you could do one expanding menu off to the left with all the options including account and everything in it off in a hamburger menu as the account shouldn’t be messed with all the time anyways. But having this forum that might not be as well known to all people quickly and openly and in their face accessible wouldn’t be a bad idea in my opinion. Just a thought.

I recall Gwendolyn mentioning in a post that they were talking about it.

I had already though about this, but then I forgot it and never did a thread on Roadmap. Good thing you did it! :smiley:

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That’s just a browser. I believe they are talking about actual API within the app.


That is what I am talking about. Like display the whole thing in the app instead of having to leave for chrome or safari on the phone. Something nice and quick and easy. I dont know how easy it will be to put it into the app since they are using third party stuff but I am sure its possible somehow.

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