Bridge stuck at .30 firmware

I have purchased 2 starter packs and 1 cam/sensor pack from Home Depot in the past few weeks. Of all these 3 bridges, only 2 are updating to the latest .33 firmware. I called Wyze and have a new bridge. I went out and grabbed another Starter Kit from HomeDepot. Now that bridge is not updating. I have tried power cycling, 2A power brick, different cameras (pan and v2).
Any ideas how to fix this or am I calling Wyze for a third time in 2 weeks for junk?

Thanks for the help


I hate to be a “me too” and not offer any help, but I am experiencing pretty much the same. I bought my first starter pack online. No problems with updating the bridge. I just bought a second one from Home Depot, and the bridge says it needs an update to turn off the blue light, but when I follow the prompts to update for that feature, it says it’s already up to date, even though it shows! My first bridge which I was able to update shows and allows me to turn off the blue light. Even in the app where you can select which devices to update (under Account, and then Firmware Upgrade), shows both bridges, but the new bridge from Home Depot shows current and latest versions are both, and the old bridge shows versions are

I also tried swapping the .30 bridge into the old camera that did allow for a bridge update. No luck.

I suspect this is a problem with the app, since it already seems to have checked on the version, and doesn’t bother even trying to update the bridge. I have tried resetting the app, clearing data, clearing cache. I’m out of ideas.


Yeah, there is definitely something wrong with the app, camera fw or something on their backend causing the bridge modules not to update.

I had 3 bridge modules running the .33 firmware and picked up a 4th starter kit. The bridge module wouldn’t show an update even though it has the .30 firmware.

I contacted customer support via the chat on their website and after some testing (power cycling, testing it in multiple cameras, etc ) they mailed me out a new one. That one is doing the same thing and stuck on the .30 firmware as well now.

I’m going to contact customer support again and see what they say. Hopefully they can report this to the proper team to fix the issue as I really don’t think it’s a hardware issue with the bridge modules…but could be wrong too.

Please ask Wyze to reply to your issue, I have the same issue.

It’s been fixed with a FW update to the camera. No issues anymore.

Thank you for your reply. But in my case, Unless there has been a V2 update since Saturday Aug 8th when I updated to V4.9.6.156, it still will not update to .33. Still at .30 after the install, comes up with “Upgrade Failed”.
BTW, I just checked, that hasn’t been any since .156 :frowning:

That’s strange as it worked for me. Have you recently power cycled the camera and pulled the bridge to reset it as well? If that still doesn’t work, contact customer service.

@ CBRRider808
I power cycled with the bridge out, then plugged bridge in and then was able to update from .30 to .33