Brand new Wyze Cam Pam won't record nor give notifications

I bought my first Wyze Cam Pam and before I immediately return it, I thought maybe someone here could help. It will not send me any notifications or record anything. The only thing I can view is the live view. Yes, I have my notifications on (both my iphone and the app). I’ve Googled this problem and only saw answers from 2019 stating to try to go back to the old software. I cannot believe this would still be true after a year? I was prompted to update the software when I started this thing up today and yes, I did to the software update. Any thoughts on what I can do?

Do you have any other wyze cameras or is this your only one

This is my only one.

What version software does it say it’s updated to

Do you have an sd card installed in the camera and under “event recording “ is your schedule set for all day and record on motion or sound turned on

I do not have an SD card. My event schedule is set for all day. Detects motion is on too.
Is that correct then?

Yes that would be correct and should work. Do you have your motion tagging on and when looking at the camera (while moving in front of it) does it draw a green box around you or anything moving in the frame

I do not have motion tagging on. Is that a must?

Not a must, but it at least will help show that your camera is picking up the motion. I’m just trying to see and eliminate what I can

Also check your detection settings. If you have them set low, it won’t record as much. As well as if you have a detection area set up.
Try putting motion sensitivity high

I already had the sensitivity to 90. And yes, now that I turned on motion tagging, it does show a green box around me if I’m moving in front of the camera.

Do you have a detection area set or no?

Have you tried restarting the camera in the app itself.

And obviously you don’t see any events like this under event tab

I did have a detection area set and then I deleted them. I have not tried restarting the camera- how can I do that? I have tried to ‘restart the device’ several times- is that what you mean?

And no events under the events tab.

Yes, restart the device is what I meant. Sorry.
I can assume you’ve also tried deleting the camera and setting it back up again?

No, that’s one thing I didn’t do yet (delete the camera). Because it’s mounted up high so that was my last resort. I assume you think I should do this right?

I probably would. It’s unfortunate that it’s up high but hopefully it helps solve the problem

Ok. I’ll do it tomorrow morning. Have to get the ladder out, I will post tomorrow if it worked or not.
I can’t tell you thank you enough for taking the time to give me some help on this!!

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No problem! I just happened to look at the right time and see your post. I hope it works

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Deleting the entire camera and setting it back up worked! THANK YOU again for all your help!!!

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