Brand New Video Doorbell Pro will not charge

I had a Doorbell Video Pro that worked for just over a year, then stopped. I thought it needed a charge, so took it off and hooked it up, however the status light never came on (not white, blue, nothing).

Contacted support who said it likely needed to be replaced (just outside of the 1-year warranty of course).

Bought a new one and am now trying to set it up, but same issue; i.e. when I plug it in, the status light does not come on. I have tried multiple cords, plugs, outlets, etc, nothing.

I’d note that I’ve restarted my modem + all routers twice now, and all our other devices connect just fine. I’ve deleted / re-installed the new VDP multiple times, same issue. The app is up to date, but I cannot check the Firmware version in the app, as it just says “Operation Failed” over and over.

Pretty frustrated; can anyone help??