Brand new at this. Missing pieces?

Hello all,

This is my first post and unsure as to where to post this. I recieved my package of three cameras (WYZECAM v2) but seem to be missing something. I have no brackets included with them.

Secondly, when going through the steps in setting them up, I cannot find any buttons that show in the steps for setting up. I’ve included pics.

The first picture is one of the three cameras and in the second are the directions. But the third image of the direction shows a different unit and is nothing like my mine. Can anyone help?

Here is the second image showing the directions.

The third image is nothing like mine.

Thank you in advance for any light you can shed on this.

1 - The base (the grey bit) is magnetic - very strong. So you would have received a round metal disk, and double sided tape.

2 - The grey bit is the base and you can pull it away from the white bit. It’s like a leg, that swivels. You’ll see… Underside of the white housing is the Setup button show in the third picture.


That grey base in you image was not included in my shipment. Is that an extra item?
And, thankyou, yes I DID receive the associated disk and 3M tape but no bracket as shown on the box

Yes, it is. I’ve outlined it in red. That grey bit is the base. Just pull it down.



OMG! Right about now, you folks can have a great laugh on me. Wow! They are too cool! That feature is too well hidden and I sure feel dumb.

Okay, I’m going to try to get them to see my network next.

Thank you kindy for holding my hand through this.


That’s why there is a user community. No need to feel dumb.


Here is some setup instructions and other info:


@truckmen, you just did Wyze a service. As simple as it may seem to us folks who have had dozens of Wyze Cams for quite a while now, your simple newbie experience points out a simple, but important, hole in the Wyze instructions. Also, at least you read the instructions, which way too many people cannot be bothered with, hence many of the problems experienced.

Folks at Wyze Cam (@WyzeGwendolyn et al.), one of the problems with writing instructions/procedures is that the person writing them is too often too close to the product and so simple steps are considered obvious to the most casual observer, but they are in fact necessary for the new user (and even us old-short-memoried users).

I have written instructions/procedures and taught classes for everyone from grocery employees to Nuclear Submarine Operators.

Think about it for a minute, assume (you know what that means) for a moment you want to make a cup of coffee. You have heard about it, but you have never seen a cup of coffee or how it is made. Now try to write some instructions for someone who has never done this before on how to do it. Your instructions will be graded, and if you are like most of my students, you will fail by omitting may steps because you are assuming what you consider the obvious.

Yes, this exercise gets a bit ridiculous, but it is designed to teach that the person writing instructions/procedures must know their audience and provide a bit more detail than they think necessary. And pictures do help.

It is great that Wyze has such a supportive community.

@None, your help was clear and spot on. Thanks.


I think it would help if the images were Labeled in the instructions, Front view , Back view , Bottom view


Yes, labeling of images is really important and needs to be inclusive and detailed. Exploded views can help with added detail. Even views of the interior, even though the item may not be designed for user disassembly.

This would help with the many posted questions like:

  • What is that black dot
  • I see things behind the lens
  • Where is the microphone
  • Where is the speaker
  • and more

I agree. Sometimes what looks easy isn’t so easy. I found my greatest help by watching a youtube video on unboxing and setup for the Wyze cam. There are many helpful videos on the youtube Wyze channel. Also, tons of other videos on there by experienced Wyze cam users. There is lots of tips on how to connect and setup your Wyze cam without the confusion. By watching these videos first, it helps to avoid basic setup problems and other issues.


Naw, don’t feel dumb. A lot of us here are dumber … including me.

If there’s a wrong way to do something … that’s the way I’m going to do it two or three times. Fourth time is a charm.


Thank you, DadCooks for the kind response.

Hey, I further realized that once I recognized and deployed the built-in stand, that’s when I’d discovered the setup button and the micro SD slot I’d been wondering about. So all is good so far.

These devices really look sharp and my hat off to TQ and other designers. Smart folks for sure.


Hello StopICU33,

Yes! Right after the replies setting me back on track, I’d found and viewed the video showing all.

I’ve got to always remember that there is YouTube at the ready… :slight_smile:


Oh, brother: this is my hottest of the hot buttons. Good manual and instruction writers are salt of the earth. I almost killed my Point of Sale software dev before we got it settled as to how much crucial material he left out. Luckily he had a sense of humility and I apologized for being the grammarian school marm. HOWEVER, Dad Cooks presents the case. In my industry, try this in order to frame a picture: blank the mat to the correct size, cut the window, size the glass using correct side, install in the proper frame with fitting procedure and hardware. There, fixed it for ya. The Wyze Group mods are a fun and helpful bunch, even if leaving out some teensy details sometimes. :slight_smile:


There are many different mounting enclosures and brackets also available on Amazon. I have a few of these as an example.

Wyze Camera Wall Mount Bracket, Protective Cover with Security Wall Mount for Wyze Cam V2 V1 and Ismart Spot Camera Indoor Outdoor Use, White (1 Pack) - by Mrount

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enjoy your camera then get more. they are awesome. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback! I will share this with the team. :slight_smile:


Setup button is right next to the SD card slot

it’s not really a button it’s a right above the SD card slot just push on that to set up
It’s right by my finger on this looks the same on the model you have
And you need an SD card for every camera to have it do everything well
Cheapest SD cards have to buy them from wyze when you buy cameras

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