Brand new at this. Missing pieces?

My wife teaches eighth grade. Her feeling about “there are no dumb questions” attitude is, yes, sometimes there are dumb questions (especially from jr. highers). When it happens, she jokes with the student in a “we’ve laughing with you, not at you” sort of way. And knowing her, the situation for the student and the classmates becomes a positive bonding experience.

So, @Truckman, although I had a good laugh, it’s with you, not at you! I’m plenty guilty of equally or worse “dumb” observations. What I really enjoyed is your “they are way too cool” comment. I totally agree. If only there were more innovative companies like WYZE out there.


I never said there weren’t dumb questions. Just not interested in making someone feel stupid when they ask them.


Just a quick follow up. I’ve successfully set up one if the cameras and witnessed it’s perfomance whole visiting at my father-in-law’s home. We were quite amazed at the quality of the video, so much so, he immediately ordered a set for himself.
So, all is well at our end. Once I get my cable installed at my shop, I will post a couple of pics of my results.


Just a tip - make sure when you buy your micro SD card you get one specifically labeled High Endurance, and made for continuous recording in security cams. The others will be ruined quickly! Here is one that gets recommended a lot:
Don’t buy a cheapie!!


We all have been there. Some of us had typewriters I/0 computers in high school

:rofl: shoot , they didn’t even have calculators when I was in high school


as @MizzDee said, endurance are your best bet in cards. give this a read. some people sharing thier experiences with different cards.

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We had mimeograph machines

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Well, I feel really DUMB! I purchased 4 Cam1 just before the 2018 New year. I got a special price of 4 for $25.00. I accepted the offer because I was curious to see what WYZE cams were all about. After receiving them, I opened one box and tried several times to set it up but failed. When I received a special doe the PanCam1, I again purchased one and almost gave up again. I finally realized that my iPhone had to be on the lower frequency and not on the 5Ghz frequency. I was then able to get both cams up and running and I also opened one other Cam1 and set it up the first time I tried. I have SD cards in them and have tried to watch captured video. Last week I accidently stumbled across “EVENTS” with Thumbnails. I watched several thumbnails before tweaking a couple of settings. I could not find the page with the EVENTS. I went thru everything I could think of but I still could not fine the events button. I had just updated all three cams (Cam1s were also updated) prior to finding the events button, si I figured the update was responsible for me seeing the event button and thumbnails. I finally started punching the upper left-hand back arrow and low and behold: there were five almost visible icons at the bottom of the screen and, yes, one was labeled “Events” and was labeled “Home”. If WYZE had made these icons with more contrast or different colors; perhaps I might have been less DUMB all along. Is there a way to view the cameras on a PC or bigger monitor. I have a couple older iPhones but their screens are too for my old eyes.

Agreed, ask and others will be a big help! Good Luck!