Borrow this idea

Can WYZE Borrow this type of detection zone please. 4 different zones can be set up on the same screen. I’m sure KASA TP-Link won’t mind :rofl:


I brought this up in the AMA for the AI team this summer. They agree with making changes:

Hopefully they’ll consider making changes.


A while back I went to check my detection zone and i saw this ^^^

I was really excited and hopefully that Wyze was switching to pull and drag

I have advocated strongly that Wyze ditch the terrible rigid boxes and instead use drag and pull zones . Ring , eufy , kasa , etc use this method instead of the boxes. I believe they use the boxes because their cameras use the pixel algorithm that is , for the wired cameras so that’s why I think they use the rigid boxes instead

The boxes are not accurate , they don’t cover or block what you really need , and no matter what when motion occurs and theirs a box set up it’ll override the box and detect motion

I would like to have 3 drag and pull zones that were able to customize the shape of . This will give us more accurate and better detection zones than the current boxes .

Wait, wait. Before mucking with detection zones how about getting the current detection zone scheme working? Mine has never worked on Cam Pan and V3 cameras. No amount of updating app or firmware has fixed that. You know, sort of like person detection.

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