Body Camera, for personal safety!

It is time that we all feel safe, not just from criminals, but from false accusations for METOO zealots, false police charges or manufactured charges, and from people who are disturbed feeling slighted, even when we never knew them!

Personal Body Cameras would offer us that extra level of security, with cur not off the shelf technology. We now have body cameras for police officers, yet everyday people going about their lives. Are being affected by others who out of know where accuse them of wrong doing. when they never even know that person!

Ask a police officer or lawyer how well body cameras do in court. They are next to useless, always pointed in the wrong direction or obstructed. It’s not like a dash cam where you can control the mounting and width of view.

I feel sorry for folks who live in circumstances where they feel they have to record to feel safe. To me, that’s a huge red flag that it’s time to move.

I know how you feel, I have a 4 camera dash cam in my car for that very reason, a 8 camera system at home, and at work for security and for loss prevention, I installed 2 different systems, Incase one went down!!

It’s sad that you going about your life, working and just being in public is not safe enough, unless you can prove your doing no wrong!

I remember when I was in the Army, I got accused by this female of harassment. But at the tim I was on 24 duty at the company commander’s office. I was having a conversation with a Sargent, and down the hall the women who accused me, she was walking down the hall with two other soldiers.

It is normal for men to talk to women so I thought nothing of it. As they got close to the desk I was at, her face frowned up, and I told everyone 8 people total, including the Sargent to leave the area. Everyone left then two days later I and being called, with my immediate supervisor to the commander’s office.

When I get inside I’m being accused of Sexual Harassment. I tried to explain to her the commander, that I had only spoken to her once before, when I helped her roommate move in her stuff, I said hi, until the day I told everyone to leave the area.