Blue Iris program

Is there a program like blue iris for Wyze ?

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I have some limited knowledge with Blue Iris, which if we are talking the same thing is a video management software for security cameras.

The Wyze App itself is essentially the video manager which allows you to live view, event view, and configure the camera devices for alerts, etc.

In addition Wyze has a Browser web viewer for their camera in beta now that works with Cameras that have a Cam Plus License and are not battery operated. The capabilities are limited at this time, but it’s a preview of what is to come. Not as robust as Blue Iris in its beta form, but it has potential.

If not what you are looking for, in regards to Blue Iris comparison let me know and I can share whatever else I know.

I did find this video

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Some of the Wyze cameras (V2, original Pan, & V3 that I know of) can be flashed for RTSP and then they can be used with BlueIris.