Blue haze on left side of picture... why?

I just purchased a Wyze Cam Pan directly from Wyze and I do intend to use it outdoors in a protective housing. I have mounted it temporarily for test purposes as far as finding the best location. Without using the night vision LED’s, I see a blue haze line on the left side of the screen when viewing the cam at night. During the day I don’t notice it and with the night vision LED’s on I do not notice it.

I have not permanently mounted the camera outside at this point until I figure this out so basically, it is unused at this point for it’s intended purpose.

I did try the suggested cycling the night vision modes but that did not help. This camera is new out of the box so I hope there is a fix for this or I may need to return it for an exchange.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

I would assume it’s just the color of that light and angle of the light looks like on a pole maybe? have you tried changing the camera position to see if the blue goes away?

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It definitely looks like a street light like @Ccarter17 said. I have has cameras that do this too and sometimes it’s a little more yellow because the lights on my street are older.
If you turn on night vision, the video will improve at night but it will be in black and white.

Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I will try it in a different position tonight.

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Well, I did try it while pointing in several different directions and it is still there. I have decided that I can live with it so I will consider this matter solved.

Thanks again for the help. :+1: