Blizzard Time-lapse - Fort Collins, CO - March 13-14, 2021

Wanted to share a time-lapse of the recent snowstorm that hit Colorado and Wyoming. This was taken using a Wyze Cam v3.

We received 24" of heavy wet flakes!


Very cool, I witnessed it first hand! Not sure my trees and bushes will ever look the same. The time lapse I did with my v2 didn’t look nearly as nice. Night vision on the v3 is incredible. Thanks for posting. :cold_face:

Yes, the V3 is so incredible at night I have replaced all my V2s, and turned OFF night vision on my V3s. :grin:

If you have a REALLY dark area, you might still use night vision there. I don’t.

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The garage is the only V3 I have that has the night vision mode on “Auto”. All the rest are “OFF”.

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