Blank RSTP File?

I’m trying to download the RTSP firmware and it keeps on downloading a blank .bin file with absolutely no content and unable to open it at all, because my two computers don’t have a program for .bin files (windows 10 and 8).

I’ve seen videos of the file being a zip file but not in my case.

I don’t use the RTSP myself, but maybe you haven’t seen this article yet.

@DreadPirateRush I was referring to that article exactly, their downloadable links aren’t working on either of my PCs, it just downloads a non-readable blank file (the ones you cannot open unless you have that specific program installed on your PC), it is supposed to be a zip file but it doesn’t download as such…

I just downloaded the files from those links, and they are between 10Mb and 11Mb in size. I think what is confusing is the instructions say to unzip the files, but they are already uncompressed. Skip the unzip step, and then go to the next step where you rename the file.

@DreadPirateRush Yup, you’re right, I just skipped the unzip step and it worked. Any idea why the live stream won’t play on my old Samsung tablet with the VLC player? I can watch it on my PC but not on the tablet…EDIT: I installed Ivideon on my tablet and now I can see the live stream.

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