Black screen on doorbell pro

Any fix for this? I recently bought a doorbell pro and it was working fine for about a month but now is just showing a black screen. It detects people and will take video of those events with green and purple lines down the video, but then go back to black screen.

I just experienced this yesterday. Sometime in the afternoon, the screen went black. The chime and doorbell worked fine. Re-installed the doorbell and re-booted my router without luck. Sometime during the night it started working again. This was a replacement for my 1st VDP which was DOA. Clearly there is some kind of problem with these Doorbell/Cameras. I’m reluctantly getting a different brand.

As a solution to this ever been identified? I have the same issue.

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Same problem here! Driving me crazy.

I have got the same problem, it’s hard to say what’s happening to the video feed, most of the time I get a black screen

Let me know if anyone might have fixed this issue


I have this same issue. Has anyone found a fix.