Bigfoot maybe? Caught this on our indoor Wyze Cam late at night through glass on our deck

Caught this footage the first night we got the camera’s set up. All I could see was Bigfoot creature. Hubby could not see what I saw until I outlined it. What do you all see?


I’d love to meet BigFoot, but that looks like a reflection of the stand/chest to the left against the wall and next to the chair. It looks like the correct angle. Put yourself where the cam is at night and shine a flashlight on the stand. You should see the stand as a reflection in the window. Or turn off nightvision, shine a laser pointer at the stand and watch the reflection through your cam’s Live Stream.


I agree. It is a mirror image of the items on the chest reflecting on the window glass. If you find foot prints outside then I would be worried. Lol


lol exactly. The thing was, I had just gone to bed and decided before falling asleep to check the cameras from my phone, Imagine my surprise and shock when I thought I saw this creature looking in our window lol.


Ok we tested your idea and it was the 3 pic frame on that table. We removed it as we were watching the cam in action and wala, Bigfoot was gone. We just couldn’t figure out how the reflection was coming from where that picture frame sat, but sure enough it was. Thanks for your help.


You’re welcome glad big foot is gone now :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d say no… looks like a reflection, The image is boxy and angular. Not soft enough to be facial features… even for a Bigfoot.

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