Shadows or Spirit?

What ever it is, looks like it walked out of the tree and under the house. We went out the next day to try and see if it was caused by shadows or such. Camera picked us up long before we got to the tree.


Now that is very interesting hmm…I have no idea. Looks like the grim reaper! :grimacing:

Edit: Is the camera behind glass? A reflection maybe?

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Now my wife is poring over hours of footage on our cams to try and catch “Casper”! Thanks a lot! :grinning:


One of my first considerations, but before and after that time, there was no one else in the room. It does sit behind the front double pane window, but glare only when the light behind it is on and it was off in this case.


Looks like a poltergeist just trying to get home. :ghost:

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It’s a bug crawling on the window I see it all the time


I’ve never seen one of these that WASN’T a bug of some sort. Haha.


Shadow figure

Definitely an insect, I have seen this dozens of times on my cam, in my instance it was a spider. If you look at the video and instead of thinking of it being some shadow in the distance on the grass and think of it as a bug or spider really close to the camera, causing it to be out of focus, you will be able to make out the legs and see it is moving in a crawling motion downwards on the glass.


I had a bug that spent the night on my camera outside and I think he pooped on it’, cause now there is fuzzy spot :expressionless:


So, leave some TP by it for next time? :man_shrugging:


A few nights ago, he came back for another visit. This time the lighting was just different enough to tell that it was a bug. @rbruceporter, did the wife ever find her Casper? :ghost::ghost:

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Not yet, but she has faith she says! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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