Is this a ghost?

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This was captured at 4:43 am by my Wyze camera. Any ideas as to what it is?


@Mikenic Welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face: Looks like you have a broken link. Try uploading the file again.

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I tried but it states new users cannot upload videos

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There are tons of image uploading sites

Probably dust particles or a bug, and not a ghost anyway :ghost:

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Here is the video.

Ghost of a Spider …


I agree with @Antonius, it looks to be a spider or other bug. The ghost-like image is created by the camera IR lights reflecting off of it.

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spider or fly

So then whom would you call for that Ghost of a Spider?
Exterminator or Ghostbusters :rofl:

I have those on the front porch, esp when my spot light is on. It is a winged insect, prob a moth.

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Cat? I see what appears to be a cat’s foot and cat’s ear.

Bugs look HUGE when they fly by a camera at night. Last week a cricket was crawling on one of my WOCs at night

Reminded me of Them!

To really spook you, at night go into that room with the lights off with a freshly laundered wash cloth and shake it vigorously. Then go back into the recording. You will be amazed at the amount of particles floating around.