Very strange light caputured

All got this image from the security feed , nos sure what is it

have you had the same ?

Without posting the image or video, we can’t tell.
HOWEVER, noting that this is your first post to this forum, you are not allowed to post images. Welcome to the forum, and either one of the moderators can upgrade you, or you can upload the image or video to a public location (YouTube for example for a video) and post a link.

I have increased your trust level so you can upload a file


Thanks I have uploaded

Please let me know what you think for reference the camera is back facing a wall.

Looks like some type of critter or bug crawling right on the camera at the lens. Since it’s so close it’s very bright when it’s illuminated by the IR lights on the camera.

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Butterfly or similar ?

Unknown, bug for sure though. I did a quick search of the forums and here are things that I found that are similar:

Thank you, my wife will sleep better now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Spider, on the camera. IR light is so bright you get flare.


Looks like a moth to me. Moths are highly IR reflective. Outdoors they look like UFOs

My camera captured an orb too.
This orb stayed in front of camera the entire night.

That’ll be a spider web strand hanging infront of your lens and reflecting the ir light back at the camera.