Beware the Dangers of the Night-Light Magnetic Mount

I had a wild experience with the night-light mount today. I was removing the metal mount from the wall when I was unexpectedly injured.

The adhesive strip that comes with the mount is very stretchy- designed to be removable similar to how command strips work. I was pulling on the adhesive to remove the mount when suddenly it released from the wall and the stretchy adhesive launched the metal mount like a figgin ninja star right into my thumb! It immediately started pouring a river of blood! I was freaking out.

Long story short, I quickly applied first aid, and it’s fine now. I don’t think I need stitches.

To all who have the night-light installed, BEWARE of the dangers of removing the adhesive mount!



Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @aces7! :raising_hand_man:

Thank you for the PSA Warning! :warning: Sorry for your injury. :face_with_head_bandage: But it does sound like you have a good sense of humor about the ordeal.

So gloves :gloves:, safety goggles :goggles:, protective headgear :rescue_worker_helmet:, and a Ninja Shield :shield: are suggested?



This is a good lesson to make sure your first aid kit is handy and well stocked! You never know when some rogue gadgets might attack! :sweat_smile: