Any advice on removing the nightlight metal attachment?

My question is in the title. I could swear I saw something about it, but now I can’t find it.

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After it has been stuck, use dental floss to saw behind it between the plate and wall thru the adhesive.

EDIT - mine came w\ the “Command Strip” style adhesive w\ the little pull tab to unstick it.


That’s a great suggestion SlabSlayer! I never thought of using floss for this purpose, but I can totally see how it would help add pressure against the wall paint to keep it pinned in place while removing the adhesive slowly. I’m going to use this for other things in the future!


I have dental floss in all my tool boxes! Phenominal strength and so many versatile uses. Gets through the adhesive without peeling the plaster so you can apply the GooGone.


Works for removing heat-sinks on computer chips. Used this to remove them from some Raspberry PIs. Then used alcohol to clean off the residue.


I use it a lot in the garage for removing old rubber or cork gaskets that I don’t want to destroy and replace.