Beware of latest firmware update

Yesterday I updated the firmware on all my v3 cameras to If you’re an Alexa display device user to livestream from your cameras to Alexa don’t upgrade to this new firmware. Livestream to Alexa display devices doesn’t work with this firmware upgrade. I immediately contacted technical support for help. They are worthless. They won’t even admit there’s an issue with the new firmware and Alexa issues.
My solution: took down all my v3 cameras and downgraded the firmware to the last version that worked with Alexa Everything works fine now!
Beware of the firmware update!

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It might be a good idea to also report this in the Firmware Release Topic that Wyze created and is monitoring so that they can log it and develop a fix.

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Yes, this thread is where all the updates are happening, so please set it to “watching” until you can verify it’s been fixed.

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I am able to stream my devices to Alexa and my Google nest device.

Have you restarted your camera since installing. That corrects the web view and may correct your issue.

How do you go about downgrading the firmware…… I didn’t know you could do that.

The downgrade process on any Cam with an SD Card is to Download the Firmware (if available), extract it to a blank 32GB SD Card, do a Factory Reset, and run the Manual Flash Procedure.

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This is the link with the information and procedure,

The issues with Alexa streaming on the new 7071 firmware were fixed late Sunday night, it just takes a reboot of the camera from in the app for it to start working again.


This is the 2nd firmware update in the last week. After each of these I cannot connect my cameras to my google nest hub. Why is this happening??? I spend hours trying to correct it. Obviously their firmware updates are a mess!

After the latest V3 update, the audio in my cameras is very bad. Playback, Live, and Two Way Audio. I can’t use them anymore if I want to listen or talk. I have reset cameras and everything. Please fix.

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