Better Two-Factor Authentication recovery methods

I got a new phone and forgot to re-add my Two-Factor Authentication before factory resetting the old one. Now ive had to create a new account and get everything setup again.

This is a bad account recovery flow in my opinion and needs to be fixed. I feel like theres a couple of ways this could happen that wyze could choose from.

  1. Security questions
  2. Force password reset to recover whole account
  3. Contact support / provide unique identifier

It just feels like theres so many ways to recover accounts now and WyZe could take advantage of one of them.:slightly_smiling_face:

Pretty much every account I have ever had that uses 2fa in the form of an Authenticator app provides a long string to use as a recovery code. I’m assuming Wyze does the same, is this not the case?

Edit: Just checked, yes they do. This is the only reasonable backup method, or else it’s not 2fa anymore.


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Agreed. It’s also why I avoid MFA as much as possible. It’s just another thing that can go wrong, slow you down, and lock you out of your accounts. It’s the worst, really. It makes millions of people suffer every day just because a few hundred people are a-holes.