Better keep alive coding for Wyze Switch

I’ve been have alot of connectivity issues with my Wyze Switches (6 total) and it’s been annoying to need to reboot my whole network to get my Wyze switches to reconnect to the network again. On a daily basis 2-3 of my Wyze switches (all controlling Wyze Bulbs) will drop drop the network. Since the Wyze Bulbs can still be controlled via the Wyze App, Google Home, or Google Assistant, I can only assume that the Wyze Switches are the problem. My network consists of an Xfiinity gateway and 4 TP-Link Deco mesh extensions. All my switches are connected to my Deco mesh network, which is purposely kept separate from my Xfiinity WiFi, and on a timer to reboot every morning at 4 AM. I set the daily reboot to try and alleviate the connectivity issues. I have quite a few TP-Link Kasa switches (Dimmers, 3-way, and standard) and some cheap Gosund switches around the house as well and have virtually no issues with them. Rarely when one of the TP-Link switches does have a connectivity issue, it’s a simple push of the reboot button under the paddle and it reboots itself in a few seconds. I’ve been told that you can reset a Wyze switch by press and holding for 20 seconds, but honestly I have nearly all my connectivity problems from my 6 Wyze switches. My cheap Gosund switches don’t loose connectivity, or if they do, reconnect themselves, Wyze switchs shouldn’t either.

I would think that a firmware patch could easily be made to periodically (5-10 min?) could poll the WiFi for connectivity and attempt to reconnect or reboot itself.

Just a thought. With the exception of the Wyze night lights, (I threw those useless POSs in the trash), I love all my Wyze products, but this connectivity problems with the Wyze Switch is frustrating the hell out of me.

Kenneth R Zink II

I have the same problem with 2 switches. Other Wyse devices adjacent to them are fine. I have to interrupt power to reset them, then good for a day or 2. Just posted my situation in a new topic

Wyze Switch Internet Lost

I have several Wyze Switches ~ On Separate Circuits ~ Last night I lost Internet ~ When restored Wyze Switch did not reconnect. That seems like an industry standard? Then I thought I would just reset it through the app ~ No Option Available ~ So I had to track down the circuits and shut them off and turn them on and then run around resetting clocks ?

Please update to add restart feature at a minimum or just make the device rejoin the network as soon as its back online.

Please and Thank You ~


Adding my annoying experience with Wyze Switch – the issue is whenever these go offline (maybe once every 3-4 weeks), the only way to bring them back quickly is to go through the entire setup procedure again (please correct me if I’m wrong). The setup procedure also resets the Smart Control option (I have them connected to Wyze bulbs). Can we at least have some method or button combination to try to re-connect to wifi without going through the setup procedure again, or have a more aggressive policy to reconnect to wifi?


For the past month I’ve been going crazy adding, removing,re-adding wyze bulbs to my switch that used to turn them on with a double click and if with a long hold. The switch is otherwise responsive in the app (single click). I’d like to reboot the switch without having to turn off power at the fuse box. Can you add an option under device info to “reboot”.

Same goes for wyze plug?