Beta version much improved with Motion Detection Zone

Here are some screen shots if you do not have the beta for Android @

I just upgraded to beta, and I concur. The new features work amazing!!!

It would be nice if you didnt lose your schedule when switching all day mode on. Would be nice to be able to switch it to all day when needed but then go back to your schedule on another day without having to re enter the times.

definitely a good start. Hoping the motion detection zone will have more granularity by including free hand drawing or broken up into 9 zones, etc? as it is right now, i would have to make it small and lose some areas or make it bigger but include areas I don’t want.

Since my cam isn’t exactly 90 degrees straight, if I have enter multiple rectangle zones would be great as well.

Thanks for the feedback, I will make sure this gets passed up the food chain!