Beta Testing Application For Google Home

But what about Google Assistant integration with the Band?

I can’t even get any of my cameras to sync to Google Home. Helpdesk said it could be a Google issue. I have 7 cameras that are supposed to work with Google Assistant (which means they have to be added into Google Home first), and none of them do. Never have. :unamused: According to Google Assistant’s Wyze page, out of 23 responses, 17 are a 1 star because it doesn’t work.

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Maybe try asking “Hey Google, sync my devices” if those cams don’t show up in the Home app. If they do, perhaps try taking the cams out of the beta program?

If you are talking about streaming to a Google/Nest Display or Chromecast, this is a well-known, well documented issue and syncing devices will not fix it. A lot of finger-pointing from Wyze, but no solutions.


Having the same issue. I unlinked and relinked a bunch of times. Living in the US. I like the cost of Wyze products and they are growing their company well, but their smart home integration needs a lot of work which it seems that they don’t want to admit to.

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The most up to date information was posted in the thread I linked below, there are also some detailed posts by WyzeFrederik in that thread about the challenges they are having. Currently they are implementing something called WebRTC and Google has informed WYZE of a codec issue being worked on. If you read the 3 or 4 posts by WyzeFrederik in the linked thread you will see what I am referring to.

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I want the engineering team to look into your problem.
Could you please do the following:

  • Reconnect your account.
  • Note the time
  • Send me a PM with your Wyze account and the time you reconnected?

Also, would you mind telling me if you have other devices and are they showing up in Google?

Thank you,

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Is tbis supposed to work?
I haven’t been able to get my WYZE cameras to display on Google Home for a long time. Even when they used to work they took a very long time to show then wouldn’t display very long.

I reconnected my Wyze account today (10/1/2020) at 16:55 EDT. All 10 devices (9 cameras and 1 door sensor) load into Google Home, but I cannot view any cameras on my Google Home Display or Google Home Max Display. The display just shows “Smart Home Camera” then times out after a 30-60 seconds. I can cast the cameras to a Chromecast.

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I get the same rrsponse. I thought it was the ssme for everyone.

We set up a Google Hub today, Connected it to our Wyze account. Our Wyze plugs work great, but we get a black screen when trying to view the 3 Wyze cameras. We can view the cameras in the Wyze app, but not on the Google Hub. Please help!

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As far as I know WYZE cameras don’t work with Google Hub.

I mean… They are supposed to. But I’ve never had luck with it streaming properly

WYZE has been saying that for two years but in real life they don’t.

We’ve been working with the Google team to figure out why it works with Chromecasts in many cases but not the hub and we’ve recently identified the problem. We’re working with Google to identify how this can be solved and we are sorry for the poor experience.


I saw another post that theirs was working. I just tried mine and still no joy. Hopefully we will see an update from Wyze and/or Google that resolves this. If I don’t see a renewed commitment from Wyze to “work with” Google, I will probably be looking for other alternatives.

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I’m told that we have some improvement demonstrated in a test Google did but that WebRTC is the real answer for this. On the bright side, we’ve been working on that! But it’s not an immediate answer.

bmglaw that is better than most people. My devices don’t even sync. I’ve tried a dozen times and nothing happens. I wonder if it has to do with the rooms setup on Google Home, and the fact that I have way more cameras than rooms set up.

I have had to resyn multiple times with all of my devices not just wyze. My samsung robot, multiple smartlights and plugs.

Currently, I can view my Wyze Outdoor on the Google Hub, or cast it to a Chromecast.