Best quality most efficient local monitor for multiple cams

I’ve used rtsp, TinyCam pro on a fire stick l. The web viewer my phone etc. the hardware limitations of the fire stick have pushed me to other avenues. Think my wife just bought a nest hub max for a similar goal (dedicated monitor) smh don’t have high hopes for that. My most recent path was leading me towards wiping my old laptop and installing android tv. Maybe a fire tv cube with wifi 6/ monitor. I’d like the stream to remain local and get the best quality / exp possible is there a universally accepted notion to the ultimate setup dvr
Linux , android idc I want the best ok :ok_hand: best quality stream best exp possible thanks

I would also like an answer to this, I currently attempt to use an old tablet, but the app crashes constantly and it has a unreasonable delay.

I’ve also tried on a Google TV, but not only is it a pain to install and login, it is also difficult to navigate it since it wasn’t made to work android tv, and it also suffers from a large delay.

I’ve also tried on a Google Home Display, and the stream just stops, and it even sometimes crashes the whole device causing it to reboot, that option also comes with a delay, although it is smaller, unfortunately it stops or crashes toi often to be a solution (also, as far as I know, this only works for one camera at a time).

don’t get me started on the web streaming, I’ve tried several browsers and I have trouble getting it to work, and keep working. Doesn’t matter if I’m trying to view one or more, when it works, it never works for long.

If you have a Google TV and\or Android Tablet, you may want to look into downloading and installing the TinyCam Monitor App from the Google Play Store. I use the Pro version on my TV thru a Google Chromecast device and can stream up to 16 cams simultaneously before the network starts to disagree. 8 cams is usually where I keep it. I also have it on my Android phone.