Best WYZE Cam Display Option

HELP….So, the old iPad is finally dying a slow death☹️. Now the question is “What is the best option to use to display multiple cameras in live view?” I’ve seen several mentions of the Nest Hub and Android options, but I’ve missed a major consensus on which is the best and most cost effective option. I’ve got several WYZE cameras, so it’ll need to easily support all version of WYZE cameras. I’m open to any suggestions to help me make an informed decision for a new multi camera display. THXs for any input anyone may have for me.

I am an Android user and have been impressed with the reliably and viewer configuration abilities of the TinyCam Pro App. I run it on my Android phone as well as on my TV thru a ChromeCast streaming device. (It will run on Android based Smart TVs).

A recent Wyze cloud update has temporarily caused a problem with that, but I hope to see a solution soon from the TinyCam developer.

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Thanks…That’s good info. I’m on IOS, but for the stand-alone display, either will work as long as it’s stable and relatively easy to use. Thanks again!

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