Best camera for chicken run and coop

I’m looking to add a camera to my outdoor chicken run and possibly my indoor coop. I can get power to both places if necessary. With the outdoor camera, can I check live feed whenever I want and can I turn off the motion detection or only set it for certain hours so the chickens aren’t constantly triggering it? For inside the coop, am I better with an indoor camera or stick with the outdoor as well (it’s in a drafty barn and might still get damp). Thanks so much!

Welcome to the forums! You mentioned power, but can you get good wifi to the coop? I’d look over the WCO (battery powered) and the v3 (powered by cord) to see what each has to offer. Both are outdoor rated cameras. The more you use the wco to record, live view etc, it’ll drain the battery faster. If you can get power and wifi to the location, I’d direct your attention to the v3 more. And yes, you can adjust motion detection by rules.

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Until they come out with a Starlight Cam IMHO the V3 is the only way to go.

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Ditto! :+1:t2:

As long as you have power and wifi to the coop. Use for both indoors and out.

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thanks! It looks like the V3 isn’t available though :frowning: I will keep an eye out for it though

Not suggesting, but a V2 will probably give you all you need. Just sayin…

V2 says indoor only but I really need something for outside in my run. I’m in western NY so we get all kinds of crazy weather, so it needs to be able to withstand that.

There are two main differences between the V2 and the V3.
Starlight and waterproofing.
A V2 with an enclosure such as:
Does very well outside, many of us have been running them for years.
But for low light/dark conditions a V3 is great,