Chicken Cam

I’d like to set up a chicken cam in the coop. I don’t currently have power out there but, I can run an extension as a quick fix. I’m pretty sure I’ll have spotty if any WIFI. I don’t need to view the camera I’ll just check the sd card from time to time. Can I set the camera up in the house and then run it without WIFI to capture local only footage? My kids are bugging me and I really don’t want to set up a repeater if I don’t have to.

No, you will need wifi for it to really work properly. If you just want a local cam, use an old tablet or smartphone and use one of the offline camera aps. Or use a trailcam. They are not much more $$ than a PTZ Wyze.

I think so, but you might have to “go beta”.
Check out this thread

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