Battery Sensor Soiled or Blocked

Vacuum today stopped mid cleaning and gave the verbal message of “Battery Sensor Soiled or Blocked” and stopped. Where is the battery sensor and how do we reset this error ? Vacuum would not restart but would go back to the charger.

It may be the recharging sensor. It is on the bottom. Here’s a picture that may help:

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I have been having trouble with the vacuum giving us the same message, “Battery sensor is soiled or blocked” and then it stops, returns to the charger and won’t work. One time I successfully fixed it by blowing air in all the holes on the bottom. However, it is back to saying this message again, even just after blowing it out with the air duster. How do I get it repaired??

@Christinelm Welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face: Reach out to Wyze Customer Support and start a support ticket.

The fastest way is by phone at (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT.

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Make sure it doesnt go over vents in the house because then it will mark it as a collision because it thinks its a ledge and make sure the dirt bin is cleaned out because that will stop it too