Battery low on contact sensor

I’ve had the sensor starter kit for 5 months, mostly sitting on a shelf. One of the contact sensors has a full charge, the other one claims the battery is low. I changed the battery, and it still says it’s low. The old battery measures 2.98 volts. Has anyone else had sensors fail to respect the battery level?

this does not answer your question but can you tell me how you measure the voltage of these batteries?

I took the battery out and measured it with a Fluke voltmeter with no load.

I have a Klein voltmeter… what should the digital read out say with a battery this size? I have heard that duds happen frequently even in a new package.

Edit to add another question:
What is the “no load” setting?

Yes, i just replaced all eight of my sensor batteries the day after arriving with fresh ones. I did that because the majority of the posters were having issues with centers and to mitigate me duplicating their issues I just invested in new batteries. My results were zero issues.

For me, it wasn’t worth my troubles measuring these button batteries voltages, instead I just bought new batteries and consider it part of the installation hardware cost.

Good luck!

To “properly” test a battery, it is often put under a load because this will pull down the voltage. But these sensors draw very little power so testing under a load is not necessary. The batteries are rated 3 volts, but my new ones measure 3.28.

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what brand of batteries? I bought some on Ebay cr 1632 3v volt meter says 3volt and they will not work with contact sensors… So what brand is required or recommended

I replaced some of my contact sensor batteries with these and they’re working fine:

CELEWELL CR1632 Battery Lithium 3v for Garmin Vivofit Jr Key Fob Replacement (5 Pack)